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recent, anxious-making events have reminded me how hard and important it is to notice the good things through a haze of the bad, and note them down in a space where people can share in the goodness. and so -- a commit log!

three good things:

1. seeing moana, and seeing a hero who is as compassionate as she is brave, as brave as she is compassionate.

2. a charm from my partner, which i look at to know i am loved.

3. face time with my mother, who's on vacation, and who showed me the shoreline from the patio and the trees and the flowers in the garden.

3. extra credit: this video of an adorable big-eyed big-earred kitten.

one thing i like about myself: i got a book called how to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk, to help me be a better teacher to my kids -- but i think it might help me better to myself. i'd like that.

moodscope score 32%:


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