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i'm thinking that maybe when a philosopher asks what my field of interest is, i should explain what i mean when i say: aesthetics, logic, ethics.

when i say i'm interested in aesthetics, i mean i'm interested in the value of beauty (and sublimity, and even 'cuteness') to the human experience, and all the possible forms that value might take.

when i say i'm interested in logic, i'm interested in learning how to preserve truth and preserve meaning in a bare-bones way distinct from yet as mind-expanding as learning a natural language.

when i'm interested in ethics -- and a broader field of ethics than the study of the right and wrong -- i'm interested in the kind of life one ought to live and for what, if anything, one ought to live it.
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something i watched for a class on narrative -- )

it's a presentation by a psychologist about happiness, and the difference between satisfaction in experience and satisfaction in memory. i could babble about it, but for now i'll just say if he's right, that explains so many things.
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from a book i'm reading for my thesis maybe, secondperson: role-playing and story in games and playable media (and the particular article is making games that make stories, by james wallis):

When small children begin to tell their own stories, these may consist only of characters, and this is enough for them. Chicago educationalist Vivian Gussin Paley describes an early story by Mollie, a three-year-old: "Once upon a time there lived a horse and a chicken and a dog. And the next morning there was a robber in the house. That's Frederick. He's the robber. That was scary." Frederick, one of Mollie's friends, has an even shorter story: "Frederick." Paley questions the fact that the story has only one word, but John, a five-year-old, corrects her: "It's not one word. It's one person" (Paley 1986).

and one person is a story. silly.


May. 22nd, 2009 04:04 pm
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as dorky philosophical in-jokes go, this is pretty fantastic. 'plato, with divided line accessory! enemies progress from imagining to believing to thinking to knowing they're in trouble!' 'david hume, with constant conjunction karate chop action! works every time you press the lever on his back -- but you observe no causation!' ... fantastic. (and kant is blue with red tiger stripes. 'why is kant blue with red tiger stripes? well, why twelve categories?')

edit-to-add: kisses. :3


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