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thank you to everyone who's helped me and is helping me now, and who expressed concern over my last post. some of you i still need to talk to -- but for now know how grateful i am. i need to remember more often that there are people who care for me, and i can't begin to say how much i care for all of you. thank you infinitely and always. <3

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... i suppose it's been a while.

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Aug. 19th, 2005 09:43 pm
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z being born = very good thing. there's no dispute about this, i hope.

kylee's gifts = very lame things. presenting randomicons for the birthday girl to pick and choose from as she pleases. :3 ... they took longer than you might think. mostly because i fail. but. aren't they sparkly?

... happybirthdayz.

and i don't know what's up with the boat, but, according to ros one can never go wrong with a boat. except for when the boat is death. or england. )