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... but that was [yesterday].

this game does interesting things! it's its own tutorial, more than anything, but it's also a short poem in gameplay on interaction and movement, on going forward with what came before. it's lingering with me the way tetris blocks and rows of jewels linger when i've played with them too long -- and that may not make it in any deeper than tetris or bejeweled -- but i like it. i like how it makes me think, on purpose, about memory.

i also like the dog.
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i think a few of you might find this entertaining -- maybe even inspiring? behold, the steampunk random story generator!

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feel free to share any interesting ones you come across. :D
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though not quite as lovely-original as blueful (which is falling apart a bit, bless the keyword-box), i still feel obligated to link the love song of j. alfred prufrock remixed.
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more interactive fiction links --

whom the telling changed. tricks you into making all sorts of subtle decisions without realizing it, decisions that don't change the story but change the way it's told, the ending you come to and what that ending means to you -- which is, after all, all the story is. release notes here.

metamorphoses. full of puzzles -- i don't like puzzles -- but there are so many solutions you can't help feel clever finding one, can't help being excited for more. the setting is the best thing -- neo-classical and modern-mechanical, all chilling, crystalline, strange. and it quotes plato! nice making-of article here.

shade. one review compared it to playing an episode of the twilight zone. i agree. just play it, check your to-do list if you're not sure what to do next.
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apparently this will be my weekend to link random-interesting things from my journal -- like this text-game, where you're an art critic observing galatea after pygmalion abandoned her and she was picked up by a museum for 'animates'. you progress mainly by looking and thinking and talking, and in my first playthrough i ended up calling down dionysos, which i suppose is as good an ending as any. (but when i was asking her about her artist and she told me to stop acting as though her pain was a part of a game invented for my amusement -- *shivers*)

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May. 22nd, 2009 04:04 pm
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as dorky philosophical in-jokes go, this is pretty fantastic. 'plato, with divided line accessory! enemies progress from imagining to believing to thinking to knowing they're in trouble!' 'david hume, with constant conjunction karate chop action! works every time you press the lever on his back -- but you observe no causation!' ... fantastic. (and kant is blue with red tiger stripes. 'why is kant blue with red tiger stripes? well, why twelve categories?')

edit-to-add: kisses. :3


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