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christmas prompt, o christmas prompt --

i'm in the mood to write a thing, but don't know what to write. so give me the gift of a prompt this season, and i will give you the gift of fic. it can be from my fandom (because you know i only have the one) or it can be something original or it can be anthropomorfic -- just prompt me. pretty please?
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more of narcisse and the band, before there was a band:

on folly )
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a ficbit for a spin-off of the almanack i'm working on:

on thaumaturgy )
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it's like photofiction no-one asked for )
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... would anyone like a photofic?
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MEME #1:
If you want me to make you an icon, comment here and I will make one based on one of your LJ interests. No, you don't get to pick which one. Artist's discretion!

MEME #2:
Give me a character or pairing (that I'm familiar with) and a word, and I will write you one line of fic here.

you heard the meme, lovelies~!


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